Thanksgiving Shoutout

  1. Before getting out of bed November 25, think of 3 people who love you.
  2. Then think of 3 people who are the most in the world to you.
  3. Wherever you go to celebrate or whatever you do, smile at 3 people without saying a word.
  4. Find 3 people you can catch doing something awesome like making Thanksgiving dinner, spending time with you or making some kind of sacrifice – say something publicly to shower them with the appreciation of others.
  5. After losing a loved one close to this holiday, I decided to display a picture and tell someone about them so they could be with me that day and in the future (it was my mother and I told how she made broccoli in garlic and olive oil every Thanksgiving).
  6. Before bed, love yourself by thinking of 3 things that you are proud of doing and then close your eyes.