The Battle Against Negative Thoughts

To change the negative narrative, vow never to doubt yourself or take to heart the doubts of anyone else.

There is no good that can come from being negative about yourself, anyone else or the situation you find yourself in.

Another way to put it is — spend your day identifying and shooting down every negative thought that comes at you and you will be on the road to increased happiness.

Negativity makes needed positivity impossible.

It takes work to filter out the negative news around us, the people who for whatever reason always tell us we can’t do something and that inner voice that somehow exists within us that shoots down our best instincts automatically.

The most positive person I know is 95-years old.

She fights through all the problems you might expect and some you would never guess.

And she does it instinctively with a great sense of faith that it always pays to be our own best friend.

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