The Sure Way To Be Unhappy

Making the dean’s list doesn’t mean you’ll be successful.

The man who started FedEx – yes, FedEx – got a C for the paper that outlined his someday dream.   Maybe his professor should have gotten an F.

Lots of viewers don’t assure happiness to the TV star although it is likely to make them lots of money.

We are overly obsessed with metrics, numbers, and research studies.

But research didn’t bring you the iPhone, iPod, iPad or Apple Watch, a gut feeling by Steve Jobs did.

By trying to best our best time on the treadmill or to run a mile, we are not necessarily making ourselves happier.  Being healthy should make us happier.

Even a $5,000 raise doesn’t feel the same way a year later as it did when it was granted.

The joke is a new car feels best until the first payment needs to be made.

Numbers are interesting and useful, but chasing numbers is no guarantee for happiness.

That comes from chasing dreams.

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