This Will Make You Destroy Your Cellphone

IMG_0293 - Version 2

This kid is staring at a screen way to early in life apparently with his dad’s permission.

I snapped this photo at the Apple Store in Cherry Hill, NJ mall as I stared in disbelief.

I mentioned to another customer playing with the new iPhone and looking on in disbelief that if she wanted to learn all the new features, ask the little boy in the stroller.

Increasingly younger children are learning how to scroll and click before they learn how to interact with others.

Parents are at wits end as to what to do because they want their children to be able to succeed in the digital world and yet they know what damage is being done to developing brains that are being shortchanged on human interaction.

Then there is peer pressure – even if your kid must observe screen time hours what about their friends and even their teachers?

Here’s some solace.

A smartphone is a dumb replacement for human interaction.

But it is a wonderful tool to augment communication and access information.

Never turn your back on new technology.

Embrace it.

But be an example of balance to your kids, your friends and associates by putting digital devices in their place.

Smartphones are not a way of life.

They are tools to live life better.

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