4 Secrets of Really Productive People

Ironically, productive people aren’t focused on doing more.  They find ways to do less.

Less of everything so they can pay more attention to the things that really matter.

It relieves the stress that comes from daily life but also provides “feel good” moments of accomplishment.

1.  Do not do 80% of what’s on your agenda. 

It’s about choices.  Simply force yourself to decide which 20% of your tasks are worth completing today – worth your time, creativity, energy and excellence.  Identify the 20% that matters and don’t do the others in any given day and you will become more productive immediately.  (Hint: you can throw the other 80% that you didn’t do today onto tomorrow’s agenda to see if they make the next cut.  Don’t be surprised if they never make it to the top 20%).

2.  Deal with your biggest tasks when you are most productive.

If it’s mornings, the most challenging work should be done then. 

3.  Divide large projects into smaller pieces.

One reason less significant and quicker things get done sooner is because large tasks often require more time than we have available at one time.  Productive people take a knife to these projects and make them several mini-projects that earn your attention.

4.  No to multi-tasking.

I know you can.  We all can.  But we shouldn’t.  It doesn’t make us more productive.  Multitasking often makes us more stressed out and less efficient.  Refer back to #1 – do less overall and only focus on the 20% of your work that you believe is most important today.

I love the sentiment expressed by Francine Jay:  “My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do” – Now go do less and have a great day!  Jerry

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