6 Ways To Get Real Happy, Real Fast

Sometimes you don’t need meds, shrinks or even friends to jumpstart a better mood.

Life is full of ups and downs.

I know from my television and radio career that sometimes you don’t feel like being happy.  You just want to be left alone until you snap out of it.  That’s a luxury we don’t have in that business.

Before I speak, I try physical activity and nine times out of ten, my emotions rise to the occasion.

But I found these great ideas to get real happy, real fast.  I hope you like them and if you do pass them on to others:

  1. Pump up your activity level.  Increase exercise or even take a walk.  It helps.
  2. Contact someone who makes you happy to be in their company.  Even a text or an email will do.
  3. Get rid of things that bother you in your space.  Set a timer and see how you feel after 10 minutes.
  4. Do a good deed for another – even if you don’t know them.  Practice random acts of kindness (this always works for me).
  5. Paste a smile on your face.  My friend Jay Cook was a disc jockey at WFIL, Philadelphia. Before he opened his mike to talk, he broke into a big smile.  Try it.  It works.
  6. Do something new.  Anything.  Discovery leads to happiness.

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t get down from time to time.

If you have a moment, click “comment on this post” and share your best methods for restoring a good mood.

And feel free to share mine with your friends and loved ones.

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