A Better Way To Use “Yes” and “No”

If you want to be popular, find ways to say yes as much as possible.

Want to sell more things?  Get to yes and avoid no.

One important caveat:  never promise what you cannot deliver or it will be the shortest popularity contest you ever won.

But what about no?

There is a time to stop saying yes.

  • When your boundaries are breached.  Anyone that pushes you to a place where you are uncomfortable or abuses you gets an immediate, firm and non-retractable “no”.  Period.
  • “I Don’t” works better than “I Can’t”.   “I don’t” is a sign of affirmation, an affirmation of willpower.  I can’t is restricting and really isn’t a choice so it tends to undermine our power.  
  • Say “No” to something instead of somebody.  If possible, direct the no to the deed and not the person unless the message is not getting through.

Often we look for complex things to help us in our relationships with others.

But sometimes we are empowered when we use “yes” as much as possible when we want to help someone and “no” when we need to protect ourselves and our boundaries.

There you have it – something I think is worth sharing with the people you care about most.

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