Adults Who Bully Adults

Bullying isn’t just directed at kids – although that is of epidemic proportion with the advent of social media.

Bullying happens big time at the workplace and in spite of attempts by a few companies to stop it, it creates unhappy employees in non-productive situations.

The Workplace Bullying Institute 2014 survey indicates that of those who felt they were targeted the overwhelming majority of people possessed positive attributes.

Nice people getting the brunt of bullying.

And the number one factor most responsible for bullying at work was not even the victim (that was number two).  It was something about the bully him or herself.

Something about the employer was third.

Adult bullies were either bullies as children or were bullied as children.

Report it.

Fight back.

Just like in the schoolyard, stand up to the bully and don’t back down.

Choose not to be the victim of bullying if you want it to stop.

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