Anxiety Caused By Others

There is only so much pressure we can handle in a world that is connected by a digital device in our hand or on our person.

There is our anxiety and then there is the anxiety caused by those around us.

Anxiety is like the flu – except we recover from the flu.

The more anxiety we are exposed to, the more we get worn down.

Think about it – when do we ever wake up and say “I feel so relaxed and stress free” even as those around us give us more of their anxiety.

Filter out the anxiety caused by others – say, no more, I can only handle the stress I am dealing with.

Put fear in its place – the number one cause of anxiety is fear of something happening or not happening.  Put a stop loss on fear because in reality 99% of what we fear never actually happens.

Stress-free living begins when you say no to the anxiety that those around you generate.

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