Calming Workplace Anxiety

Bosses and associates bring their own issues to work and that multiplies anxiety by the number of people exposed to it.

It’s tough enough dealing with your own stress let alone having it amplified by others.

Heavy workloads rarely cause anxiety, living with the unwanted stress of others or personally-inflicted sabotage to your own confidence does.

Be keenly aware of others’ anxiety and reject it at every turn.

Be proactive not passive in standing up to the unwanted anxiety of others at work.

To get through it, think of yourself as your own boss when doing your work reminding yourself that you are the person in control.

When you first feel uncomfortable, act.

Repeat often:  I have earned the right to have this job.  

Let go of your stress and feel it flutter away like a butterfly – visualize calm. 

When any job becomes not worth it because it makes you feel more stressed, even the act of looking for alternative employment has an immediate stress reducing effect.

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