Cheating, Lying and Tom Brady

What kind of world do we live in where arguably one of the best quarterbacks who ever played the game of football had to sink to cheating and lying?

But that’s what the NFL’s independence investigator has suggested in his report.

The controversy known as Deflategate where Brady allegedly knew or directed people to deflate the footballs used in competition so they would be easier to throw and catch.  And that he also lied about his knowledge of the situation.

The man has several Super Bowl rings.

He’s rich.

Married to a supermodel who bore him beautiful, healthy children.

When ambition overrules our values then we cease to be a superstar.

Instead we become an opportunist looking to take illegal advantage to get what we want.

I know Brady is in the limelight and there is always pressure on him, but in essence we owe Tom Brady for reminding us how important it is to always courageously stand up for our values.

Winning without integrity on or off the athletic field is nothing to be proud of.

The person who never compromises their values is the real champion.

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