Cheering Up An Unhappy Mind

It’s no secret that people are less happy when their minds are all over the place than when they focus on living in the present.

Nothing – not even thinking pleasant thoughts about happy times – is more effective than doubling down on what you are doing right now at this very moment.

Living in the now is all well and good but it seems a lot harder to do on a regular basis in a world that is as distracted as ours.

One workaround is to stay busy and focused on something that is meaningful.  It doesn’t have to be major, just meaningful.

There are pills, potions, psychologists and psychiatrists to cheer up an unhappy mind, but a cheaper and more effective way to get a head start is to …

  • Avoid living in the past – just visit there to learn so history does not repeat itself.  Once the visit to the past is over immediately return to the present.
  • Avoid spending too much time in the future – go there to plan but keep in mind that the only real satisfaction comes from today – now.
  • Worries are disturbing thoughts about the future – keep in mind that 99% of what we worry about will never come true and the 1% that does happens in a way different than we feared.

When we get ruminations under control whether past or present, we accomplish what previously may have been so elusive to happily dwell in the present.

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