Ending the Shame of Being Fired

Yes, shame.

That’s a strong word and I’m talking from experience here.

Being hired and promoted – that’s pride.

Being terminated for any reason is too often absorbed in our lives and those around us as shame and we should stop that thinking in its tracks.

A few suggestions:

  • Some of the best careers ever came after a firing or misunderstanding at a previous job.
  • Think of this:  just as some people get along better and are more productive with others, the same is true of employers.
  • Toxic work forces set us up for the shame that follows.  At CBS Radio where massive layoffs are happening with more on the way, employees were disappointed but not surprised.  They felt it coming.  Work extra hard to resist the beating self-esteem takes at toxic work places.
  • Another consoling thought:  often the person doing the firing gets theirs in spades later.  You may just have gone before them.  Try not to hold grudges that are 100% useless to your future success.
  • Never hang your head.  Show your spouse and children (and those around you) that, yes, you are disappointed, even sad but not broken.  Remind them frequently that this is an opportunity you didn’t ask for, but one that you embrace.
  • No one ever died from being fired – inconvenienced, disrupted, economically challenged but it’s not the end, it’s always a new beginning.  Always.

A job is only one way to exhibit self-esteem.  The other is successfully rising to the occasion to handle adversity.  In fact, it’s often the better way.

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