Finding a Job You Can Love

Netflix now offers paid maternity and paternity leave for an entire year.

Google will do your dry cleaning, take care of your child for free and let you spend one day a week working on anything of your choosing.

Millennials love these benefits yet still, they leave these jobs just as someone unhappy in theirs would leave.

They are perusing their dreams.

Benefits, loose job descriptions and even pay do not guarantee a happy, rewarding and fulfilling career.

Here’s what I tell my young students to do when they are seeking a job they can love.

  • Write down 5 things you would love to do in life even if you do not have the training or skills to get the job (you can always get it later).
  • Do not include your current job or the thing that you have trained for or, for that matter, the career in which you have spent the most time.
  • Take up to three months (and I mean this) to compile a list that you are sure of.
  • Then rank the main areas of interest in order of importance.
  • Look to see whether any two can be combined meaning one job would allow you to do two of your main interests.
  • Repeat this process every year. Avoid a rut. It is surprising how many people stay in dying industries because they dare not dream about doing something different.

I am about to complete my annual list at the end of the summer after I take more beach days to think things through. Even though I have three businesses I always check to see if what I am doing now is what I want to continue to do and sometimes things make the list to make me aware of a dream that I may have shrugged off.

Last year I saw short form video pop up on my list so I am working to integrate it into what I do. Who knows what will show up this year.

We have one life — why waste it by ignoring the dreams that make us love what we do for a living.

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