Finding Inner Joy & Happiness

Let’s be honest – kids are being weaponized to skip their childhood and adolescent years to fast forward into adulthood.

Along the way, we take Instagram pictures of them.

If Fred Rogers was alive, he’d be crashing his Trolley in the Neighborhood of Make Believe.

We need our childhood and we must channel our inner kid – that’s what’s so delightful about watching a toddler (pre-iPad) do silly things.

In radio and TV, we are virtually all children even when we grow up which leads me to what’s on my mind today.

In some ways don’t ever grow up – slow down, observe, interact, pursue fascination.

Take a different route to work or working from home, totally upend your routine.

Take time to talk to someone you have neglected that doesn’t have to do with work.

Find someone who needs you and make them laugh.

Make someone feel good about themselves for no reason other than you’d like someone to do the same thing to you.

Inner joy comes from interaction – let go and be yourself.