Finding Your Calling in Life

I brought my car to Costco to have them put nitrogen in the tires.

A young man named Vinny did the work very well and in conversing with him he said how much he liked working for Costco (great to hear).

That he was just transferred into automotive and likes to work in the shop.

But upon further investigation, Vinny also was considering nursing school.

Nursing or autos, I thought.  How opposite.

And there it was – the dilemma many of us struggle with when we are searching for our calling in life.

Often it’s about money.

Or we pick a business that fascinates us.

But in the end when I pressed Vinny as to which one it is likely to be for him, he said “I don’t really know – something where I can help people”.

When searching for what we are meant to do, it is often necessary to look beyond careers and search for the part of us that is itching to be discovered.

It’s a feeling from within not a job search.

The career we will decide upon will be our calling if we first satisfy our inner need to be fulfilled as a person.

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