How To Be A Better Friend

If there is someone you value more than anyone else, you can be proactive about nurturing that friendship.

  • Be in their lives when things go right – not just when they go wrong.
  • Little things mean a lot – these are the building blocks of a deep friendship such as remembering their likes from previous conversations.
  • Jealous and envy have no place in true friendships.  When others succeed, it does not mean that you won’t succeed.  Don’t hold the happiness and success of another person hostage because of envy.
  • Spend lots of face time together if at all possible.  Social media friends are almost never true friends because true friendship takes place in the present.
  • Scrap the agency – you don’t always have to contact a friend for a reason.  Call for no reason at all.
  • Be there even if you can’t be of help.

One of our biggest complaints is about the lack of true friends.

Facebook and Instagram friends, yes.

Real friends, not really.

Friends are not aggregated, they are appreciated.

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