How To Do Meetings People Will Crave

Meetings are usually boring, a waste of time and demotivating and that’s whether they are in-person or as part of an online collaboration.

Try this one instead.

  1. Call a meeting with one purpose that you will clearly define (i.e., “to determine what we’re going to do at the trade convention”).
  2. Send a digital notification to potential attendees with the meeting purpose clearly defined – say no more other than where and when.
  3. When everyone arrives have the group stand in a circle – no sitting permitted.  You assume a place in that circle.  A circle is more democratic than, say, a horseshoe configuration.
  4. Go around the circle and have everyone contribute.  If others respond, fine, but keep the circle going.
  5. Limit the meeting to 5 minutes (10 if there is a lot of useful back and forth – never longer).
  6. Thank everyone at the end, make assignments or ask for volunteers.
  7. Decide on follow-ups or next steps and simply disperse.

People don’t need old-fashioned meetings to come up with new age ideas.

When you get a reputation for getting something done without wasting people’s time, you will gain even more cooperation.

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