How To Stop Phones From Killing Relationships

I don’t know how to put this delicately, but The Huffington Post the other day featured a story about the increase in people having sex with their phones in their hands.

Wait one minute.

According to the article (which you’ll notice I read, by the way), the sound of a text message is often more alluring than – well, you get the point.

We are entering an age when our cellphones and digital screens are killing relationships.

Social media is fun but not a substitute for living in real time with other people.

Here is some of the best cellphone advice I have gathered that is becoming more relevant every day.

  • Never at dinner – phones should be out of sight where they cannot be heard.
  • I’m hearing doctors say that for a better night’s sleep don’t look at a screen within at least an hour before bedtime.
  • You’re not going to listen to this one but it is becoming popular advice: don’t put your phone on the table next to your bed.
  • Go for walks with phones off – powered down.
  • Look for reasons to call, not text. We text too much. Texting is good for some things but not a replacement for the warmth of a human voice.
  • My favorite and most difficult: consciously try to find a way to use your phone less.

I’m not giving up my phone. I like it. Okay, I love it. But I am not about to let my phone become my life.

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