Aspire, Don’t Retire

My best friend was an insurance salesman and a good man.

He actually delivered the death benefit checks to the widow or widower and attended the funerals.

So when he first said it, I was surprised.

Aspire, don’t retire.

Here’s the gist of his thinking.

Each day, the harder you work, the more you earn the right to aspire to anything you want at some point.

You may work 55 hours a week and love your work, so you can choose to work 25 hours a week if you like at some point.

Or aspire to something you have always wanted to do.

My friend Dan Mason left his executive post at CBS Radio to try his hand at something he always wanted to do – play-by-play basketball.  His first broadcasts of women’s basketball games were exciting because he prepared for the task as if he were 21.

This is not about age.

College students understandably talk about making money when they graduate (to help pay their student loans among other things) but many wish for a time when they don’t have to work.  This is before they even start their careers.

No matter the age – always aspire.

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