It’s Not More Time Busy People Need, It’s More of This

If busy people could somehow be granted more time to accomplish all their priorities, they would most likely go out and find more things to do and more projects to take on.

More time is the great deception for – “I don’t know how to prioritize”.

No one can do everything.  Achievers know that and they do less of what is not important.

They prioritize.

What one thing today is so important it deserves the most time and first priority?

What is the most obvious thing (or things) I can get away with not doing? 

Repeat after me “I’m sorry, I cannot take that on right now” – achievers win more respect for being honest even from their bosses who may not be aware of your time crunch.

Set a deadline that includes exceeding expectations for completing your responsibilities.

There is no law that says every deadline must be when time runs out and have stressed yourself out even further.

It’s not more time that busy people need, it is the willingness to say no, say later, say this doesn’t need to be done and to build in a buffer to reduce stress.

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