Jimmy Carter’s Heroic Battle with Cancer

He’s 90.

He’s done more since being president of the United States than most people do in their entire lives: books, poetry, The Carter Center, monitoring elections in third world nations to ensure that they are helped honestly.

But it is the way Jimmy Carter is dealing with his mortality that touches me.

In good humor, he goes before cameras and talks about how his melanoma has spread to his brain, his reaction (more accepting then he thought), the optimism of a new chemotherapy treatment and this …

I’m ready for my next adventure — whatever that is.

Carter is scheduled to go to Nepal in a few months if he is able. He has cut back his schedule but hasn’t thrown it away.

He’s at peace with death because he intends to live every moment of his life.

And that is the gift Jimmy Carter reminds us of.

When we are afraid to live life, we run the risk of losing life.

There are a lot of things we cannot control but one of them is to live each day as if it is your last.

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