Just Before a Job Interview or Review

A job interview or employee review is not a test, it is an affirmation of competence or even better, excellence.

There is a difference between confidence and arrogance.

Of expectations and entitlements.

Before a job interview or review, write in one sentence why you have earned the opportunity for the job or pay raise and promotion.  If it can’t be compelling in one line, then you probably have no business applying or expecting much from a review.

Assess what you are worth by identifying your skills – things that you and your employer value or will value (i.e., ability to get along with others, to listen to new ideas, to complete projects on time or ahead of deadline, etc.).

Assign an annual salary value to your skills – not from the point of view of your employer or potential employer but based on other jobs similar to yours in related industries.

When applying for new positions, share a list of seven things that you can specifically do for your new employer (not a generic list of warm and fuzzy things) and – this is important – back it up with specific evidence that proves you’ve done these things before.

And, the day of the interview as you open the door to the office where it is taking place, say these words to yourself “I have earned the right to be here”.

Winging an interview or review is a waste of time but thoughtful preparation of the kind successful people do as described here is the best rehearsal for a good outcome.

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