Love People, Use Things (not the other way around)

“The General Social Survey, which has been measuring social trends among Americans every one or two years since 1972, shows a long-term, gradual decline in happiness—and rise in unhappiness—from 1988 to the present.” – Atlantic author Arthur C. Brooks.

Among Brooks’ observations:

  • We don’t get happier as society gets richer because we chase the wrong things.
  • We can resist advertising’s power over our minds: “Next time you are presented with the claim that this or that product will make you happy, channel your inner monk, and say five times, out loud: “This will not bring me satisfaction.”
  • “Government cannot bring happiness, but it can eliminate the sources of unhappiness” according to former speaker of the Danish Parliament Mogens Lykketoft – Danish people are among the world’s happiest.
  • The world encourages us to love thingsand use people. But that’s backward.

Put this on your fridge and try to live by it: Love people; use things.

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