Overcoming Email Addiction

Digital life is one big refresh.

Even if we get bad news by constantly checking email or text messages, we assume something different – maybe better – will happen when the next one alerts us.

It’s actually the opposite.

Email delivered whenever it arrives is like the mail carrier coming back to your house all day and all night to drop off one more message that he/she didn’t deliver the last time.

To gain control of email and become more productive and, more importantly, less stressed, treat checking email like making a scheduled phone call.

Don’t even look when you’re notified. 

Schedule a time to check and then and only then, check the mail. 

You decide on how many times and at what part of the day you want to “schedule” an email check based on your work, your energy level and other things you need to do. 

Then, divide emails into two categories – the one’s you can answer quickly and the ones that need further thought.  Then schedule it for a later response. 

Put a hold on immediate email notifications.

Stress and anxiety are big issues in our lives today.  One way to make a dent in stressors is to take control of the great interrupter called email by using these hints to stop the addiction. 

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