Quiet Time

My son’s school had this advice for parents before their children entered grade one.

Enforce an hour of quiet time every school night.

Music, phones, videos are off limits.

They may do anything else as long as they are alone with their thoughts, dreams and desires.  Later, homework became easier to transition to because they adopted quiet time for themselves first.

We all need a useful time out in our busy lives.

A neighbor of mine was having marital troubles and on the second counseling appointment the couple was told to give each other an hour at the end of the day when they see each other again.

Time to disengage from the day’s pressures – personal time.

No phones, no iPads, no cheating.

They never divorced.

We complain a lot about our connected and frenetic world, but all it takes is an hour of quiet time to become the human we want to be – again.

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