11 Ways to Win Against Anxiety

Popular among college students right now is to sell their anti-anxiety medications for money.

Without the outbreak of anxiety that the connected society is feeling, this would not be possible.

Anxiety is reduced by doing many small things, not one big one.

  1. Separate from digital devices.
  2. Avoid the black hole of social media where you drill down so far you become addicted to it.
  3. Spend the same time face to face with a friend or two as you do on social media with lots of “friends”.
  4. Start the day by coming up with something current for which you are grateful.
  5. Avoid anxiety producing people and situations exactly as you would the flu.
  6. Do 20% of everything in your day that brings you 80% of the reward.
  7. To anxiety producers say: “Forgive me, this makes me feel anxious.  I need a moment”.  Often anxiety producers need to hear your time out before they realize they need a time out.
  8. Plan your day and identify an accomplishment you want to have.  Finishing something that matters successfully creates endorphins that reduce stress.
  9. Tell someone you love them (and why).
  10. Start the day by smiling at the first 20 people you see (most of them are probably suffering from anxiety, too).  A smile changes our brainwaves to positive.
  11. Remember a person you’ve lost in life and borrow one of the positive qualities they had to keep their memory alive.

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