Rude People

Look, I love my digital devices as much as the next person but being distracted by them in the company of another is just ignorant.

Doing it in front of your kids is asking for a payback in not too many more years.

Digital devices are the miracle of our age, but they are not a lifestyle.

Here’s some help dealing with rudeness:

Self-absorbed people who constantly obsess about themselves – cut the oxygen that feeds it, walk away, say bye, move on.  No ugly confrontation is necessary.

For those who are bored or disinterested in what you are saying – stop saying it.  Unless you need to say things people don’t want to hear, move on.

Hurtful people – When someone hurts your feelings, take a quick moment to be compassionate (i.e., it must be awful to be that other person and have to say hurtful things).  We often say hurtful things back when such comments are first directed at us.

Bullies – Push back and defend your boundaries without excuses every time.

Jealousy – is like the fluTry not to get it and don’t spread it to someone else.

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