How Badly Do You Want Your Job?

56-year old Detroit resident James Robertson walks 21 miles to and from work each day.

He leaves his home at 8am and doesn’t return home until 4am if a passerby doesn’t give him a ride.   And he does this Monday through Friday.

He gets only a few hours sleep.

And I thought being a radio dj was tough!

Makes you wonder – would you walk 21 miles to and from work daily for your job?

Robertson couldn’t afford a car on his $10.55 an hour pay.

And then the Internet intervened.

A student at Wayne State University set up a GoFundMe account in Robertson’s name and raised enough money for him to buy a car.

Enough was raised to buy a luxury vehicle, but Robertson decided on a Ford Taurus.  You see, he likes Fords and he said, “They’re simple on the outside, strong on the inside — like me.”

I’m big on overcoming problems – not because I like problems, God knows I have enough and I’m sure you do, too.

But anything that makes us prove we will go to any length to accomplish our goals, makes us stronger and more likely to attain them.

It makes me think – if we don’t have a job that we would make great sacrifices to keep, it is time to find that job.

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