Smart Dumb Phones

I’ve heard students say that they want to spend less time using their phones citing all sorts of problems from lack of concentration to depression but I’ve seen little evidence of significant change.

And now this.

Dumb phones, the ones that make a call are coming back in the U.S. but not globally – why, we don’t quite know.

It’s driven by Gen Z that is tired of screens not just older people who can’t handle an iPhone.  Tens of thousands of flip phones are sold every month.

The hottest thing right now are phones from Punkt and Light for people who want to reduce their time on their phones and social media.

But Tristan Harris, a former Google code writer who has defected to the mental health side has a cheaper idea.

Create folders for apps that usurp your time and put them in a folder called Dark Hole (I have done this) so when you want to view TikTok as I do to keep up with music industry trends, I know before I go into the file and open the app that I am in a dark hole where I could stay for one to four hours a day as many Gen Zers do.  This is the warning and it works.

Phones get smarter when consumers get smarter which is to control the time on your phones not the phones controlling your life.