Stop Living Someone Else’s Life

I could have been your doctor.

Scary thought, eh?

Yes, when I was 21, someone close to me kept nudging me to go to medical school even though I was happy being a radio and TV personality.

So they arranged an interview with the Chief of Medicine at Temple University Hospital and during the interview he asked me more about the Philadelphia radio and TV scene than I was able to ask about the virtue of a career in medicine.

Even if I applied and was admitted to med school, I often wonder whether I would have been living someone else’s life.

Do you ever feel like that?

Steve Jobs told the graduating class of Stanford that they should stop living someone else’s life.  That he was optimistic he could survive his Pancreatic cancer and have a few more decades to do what he loves to do.

Obviously Jobs didn’t beat his cancer but he lived even his final moments exactly as he wished.

We are on loan to life.

Our children are temporarily in our custody then we must set them free.

We must someday say goodbye to all those we love and must surrender all the material things – including money – to others.

All the more reason to be selfish about one thing.

It’s your life.

Live it exactly the way you want.

In every way.