Successful People Never Win the Lottery

Isn’t that amazing?

We live in a world that fights over winning lottery tickets as if they are the ticket to success.  But ask billionaire Richard Branson which lottery he won.  Steve Jobs never got rich by buying a ticket at the local convenience checkout.  Or, for that matter, anyone who ever made a name for themselves.

Successful people thrive on adversity. 

Lucky people (or those who want to be lucky) fear it. 

There is no get rich quick scheme in life.

And people who spend their time waiting to get lucky wind up being poor in more ways than one.

Look forward to adversity.  It is the steppingstone to success.

Some thoughts:

  • Write down the failures in your life and career.  Then add the great thing that happened next.  Good always comes from bad.
  • Train yourself to scoop up problems as they occur in real time every day the way a shortstop scoops up baseballs in the infield.  Change your focus and look forward to problems coming your way like a shortstop anticipates and wants to handle ground balls.  If you make an error, get back up and be ready for the next challenge just like a ballplayer.
  • Solving problems is optional.  Dealing with them and putting them in some kind of order is required.
  • Your new mantra:  failure begins only when you give up.  Until then, you’re staying busy working on the human condition.
  • The Fat Lady never sings.  It’s never over until you say it is.

Only a fool expects life to be without challenges, disappointments and hurt but these are the gifts that drive achievers to success and happiness.

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