The Longer You’re on Email, the Higher the Stress

Fascinating new study from the University of California, Irvine.

Forty office workers were hooked up to wireless heart rate monitors for approximately 12 days.

“The longer one spends on email in [a given] hour the higher is one’s stress for that hour,” the authors noted.

Another study shows batching emails, a common thought to be a helpful workaround is not so helpful making email users more stressed.

There have been other studies on email and unhappiness – it causes depression and anxiety.

Thrive Global tried an experiment where vacationing employees who received emails while vacationing didn’t just get a message that their colleague was away but that their email would automatically be deleted.

Coming back to no emails waiting in the in-box – now that’s a real vacation.

Getting email under control is in your hands not someone else’s.

“We shouldn’t banish e-mail, but we can no longer allow it to be used in such a way that guarantees our misery.”