The Most Successful People Lift People Up, Not Run Them Down

Cliff Zukin, a public policy and political science professor at Rutgers conducted a study that will fascinate you about rude bosses and rude employees.  (The survey covers 605 people in 17 industries).

Rude Behavior By Bosses (in order) …

  • Interrupts people
  • Is judgmental of those who are different
  • Pays little attention to or shows little interest in others opinions.
  • Takes the best tasks and leaves the worst for others

Rude Behavior Employee’s Admit To …

  • Hibernates into e-gadgets
  • Uses jargon even when it excludes others
  • Ignores invitations
  • Is judgmental of those who are different (same as rude boss behavior above)

Politeness and kind consideration of others is the ticket according to other studies.

Jerks can succeed by being rude and employees can suffer by as well when they exhibit the same behavior.

The most successful people lift people up not run them down.

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