The Negative Thinking Cure

For those times when we need more self-esteem:

  • If you’ve earned the right to do, speak, lead or participate in something important, that makes you uniquely qualified.
  • Confidence isn’t a feeling.  It’s a commitment.  Kind of like faith and trust.  Every time we talk ourselves down, we have become the enemy.
  • Increased confidence cannot be transferred from one person to another (sorry, motivational speakers).  We can be inspired by others but every individual is responsible for the way they feel about themselves and their abilities.
  • Even being fallible or failing can be a confidence builder if we can find the positives in our actions (i.e., I worked for one full week on that presentation).
  • Add a future promise – the next time I get the chance to do (whatever), I’m going to be even better.

And when you hit it out of the park, take a Confidence IOU.  Write it down, put it on your phone and review your victories daily.

People without great confidence in themselves fixate on perceived failures and easily forget their many successes that can inspire further confidence.

Never forget a success – no matter how small.  They help crowd out negative thinking that ruins self-confidence.

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