What Makes People Happy

The things that bring us the greatest joy are not really secrets.

We all know them.

The secret is to do these things that make happiness possible:

  • Acceptance of who we are
  • Being loved by ourselves and others
  • The warmth of the people around us in our lives
  • A feeling of security
  • Optimism that realizing our dreams in some way is always possible
  • Meaningful work
  • Few regrets
  • Being in the Now more than wandering into the past or projecting into the future

Life moves by quickly at the speed of email, texting, dealing with the stresses of others and daily distractions.

Work on each one of the above one at a time until you make progress and then move on to the next.

When you’ve completed the list, start at the top all over again.

The quest for happiness takes hard work and focus and is never ending.

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