Worry About the Future

Millennials and Gen Z both agree that worrying about the future is the biggest problem they face and it’s certainly not limited to this age group.

51% of 13-17 year-olds and 46% of 18-36 year-olds tell researchers at YPulse something catastrophic will happen in the next five years.

Worry is useless.

Most things we worry about never happen and what few do are not exactly as we feared them.

There is fear thought and there is forethought.

Forethought is thinking about how to manage fears, lower expectations.

One way to change the way you look at worry is to write down your fears every time you have (or obsess) about them.  A month later, see the price you paid for worrying about a fear that feels real but statistically does not have a great chance of happening.

Or as Dale Carnegie called worry – sawing sawdust.