Cutting Down on Screen Time

New statistics indicate that the average time spent on Facebook, Instagram and/or Facebook Messenger each day is almost an hour (50 minutes).

That’s almost as much as we spend eating.

Far more than the average person exercising.

Competitive with TV time (over two hours), which skews higher for older people and less for 28-34 year olds.

And Facebook is trying to come up ways to increase the average time people spend on Facebook.

As we become more buried in our screens, something has to be done.

And here it is.

For every minute you spend on Facebook products described above, make sure you spend at least that amount of time being present in real conversations with others.

It’s easy for us to increase our obsessive addiction to social media but it is not fruitful.

So use social media all you like, but balance it off with face-to-face contact with people where you are there in the present and without a mobile device nearby.

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