Dealing With Health Issues

Our friend Cadillac Jack is a fabulous dj who recently discovered he has stage four colon cancer.

I have a subscriber who underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor and the radio station he worked for would not assure him that his job would be waiting for him if he beats the “Big C”.

A friend dealing with anxiety that controls her life.

Another person suffering from opioid or alcohol addiction that can’t seem to turn it around.

People need hope.

No, they CRAVE hope.

And whether we are that person or it is someone close to us, the one mission we have is not to play doctor or psychologist.

Give large doses of hope. 

Hope is not blue skies. It is positive feedback that things will get better.

The author Norman Cousins was left for dead by his doctors who said he had a one in 500 chance of surviving connective tissue disease.

He took matters into his own hands and commenced taking large doses of vitamin C and tried to lose himself in laughter by watching funny movies.

Cousins lived another 26 years surviving yet another disease in a life that only he believed he would have.

The prescription for dealing with challenging health issues is to take large doses of hope around the clock.

It’s the best medicine.

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