Pushing Back Against Digital Addiction

Add digital addiction to the other addictions that ruin people’s lives.

There are rehab programs popping up as the need increases and some psychologist specialize in treating the anxiety that results from being connected too much.

Yet, just like the excuse “I can handle one drink”, formerly happy people are finding themselves deeper and deeper in 24/7 stress by not recognizing their real limits.

  1. Limit your connectivity to specific times and durations.

  2. Come to understand that scrolling through a Facebook or Instagram feed is a “black hole” to be avoided or at the very least, limited. Set a stopwatch on your phone with how long you will stay involved in social media.

  3. Don’t check back so frequently.  You won’t miss anything more important than what is happening in the present.

  4. I have 2 screens on my iPhone for things like my Uber app, weather, etc.  Everything else is in folders titled “games”, “social media”, “podcasts”, “news”, etc.  Anything in a folder gets a time limit and every app on screen one and two is a short-term distraction.

  5. Spend as much time on the phone (speaking and listening) or in-person as you spend on your phone.

Digital addiction can be avoided, but first you have to admit that there is a problem.

52% of Millennials have digital addiction so they may be among the first to step up.

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