The Ultimate Confidence Builder

I once followed Dick Clark in addressing the Country Music Broadcasters Convention in Nashville.

Clark was a fan favorite and hit it out of the park using video, stories and humor.

There were over 700 people in the auditorium and I don’t know whether I ever shared this before but it was one of the few times that I was concerned about doing a good job.

I stepped from backstage out into the audience to try and figure out what Clark was doing that I probably had to do.

But the more I tried to shoehorn myself into someone else’s act, the more anxious I became.

Until it hit me.

We were both invited to address this conference – Dick, as the expert in TV and music and me as the “expert” in radio.

In other words, I must have earned the right to be on stage and I needed to get that into my head.

When my turn came, I walked to the podium – glanced left, right and center to remind the audience and most importantly me that I had earned the right to be addressing this fine group.

To increase confidence, look for ways to remind yourself that you have earned the right to be the leader, the presenter, the supervisor, the highly engaged employee and it will make all the difference in the world.

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