You Can’t Hit a Target You Cannot See

One of my favorite gems is: “there’s nothing worse than doing something well that doesn’t need to be done at all”.

Just one critical step before we pour our time and effort into that which we want to accomplish could make all the difference in the world.

What’s the goal?

What do we specifically want to accomplish?

It’s amazing how many people set off to change the world and fix what’s broken without spending enough time figuring out what would make a positive difference.

Meetings are the biggest time wasters but no one seems to get the message. They wind up being rambling and sometimes dangerous interludes that do nothing toward accomplishing goals. Never have a meeting without first identifying the goal.

Improving your health is laudable but it is such a general wish. What specifically do you want to accomplish? Run longer and faster to build more stamina – there, it’s identified.

Being a better parent? Again, who doesn’t want that goal? Identify a meaningful way to be a better parent. For example: discover new things together with your children without cellphones interfering.

Changing careers? Why? What is your dream? If you know that, you can work on acquiring the skills that will bring you success.

You can’t hit a target you cannot see.

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