A More Rewarding Way To Get Things Done

If you’re like me, you have no doubt read self-help books to get organized, accomplish more and be happier.

But if the be happier part didn’t result, it may be because the getting things done part can make us a productive dynamo but not often a happier person.

In fact, as crazy as this may sound in our workaday world, planning less can actually help us be happier and it’s not going to kill us or get us fired.

We over plan, over dream, over problem-solve, over produce and focus too much on ourselves.

It’s the old saw about gaining control by giving up control.

Chances are we have plenty of experience to handle that which we need to get done every day without making it a compulsion.

Last week I saw a video by an author/lecturer who said have 3 goals a day, 3 goals a week, 3 goals a … and he went on and on tacking on more goals.

It may be the other way around if happiness is your end goal.

Be comfortable in your ability to get things done and think a lot less about it.

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