Harder to Breathe

The founding drummer of the band Maroon 5 Ryan Dusick visited my Wednesday NYU classes recently.

He’s a 45-year old former rock star who hit the depths of addiction and self-sabotage at the height of his career and clawed his way back via Betty Ford and 12-step programs to become a family counselor in LA.

So inspirational – let me share one of Dusick’s thoughts that really resonated.

Always have something to work toward – a lesson he learned after overcoming the addiction that made his childhood friend and Maroon 5 star Adam Levine kick him out of the band.

Ruminating on bad habits will not end well – finding new interests and pursuing them makes life rewarding.

Even the little things – especially, the little things.

Ryan said as strange as it sounds, after performing night after night at a high level, it becomes routine and being on all the time leaves no time for health (his passion), recovery and time to think.

My students read his book, Harder to Breathe – learning that life is good in little steps and the importance of healthy relationships.

We are emphasizing mental health issues and dealing with anxiety and depression at our NYU music business classes but the lessons affect all of us so I thought I would share.