The Difference Between Choices and Feelings

Dealing with problems is not a feeling, you choose to do it.

Smokers quit not because they have a feeling that they should, but because they choose to resist the unhealthy pleasure.

Confidence in yourself is never a feeling – you don’t feel confidence first, you choose to believe in yourself and confidence follows.

An alcoholic doesn’t wait to feel like recovering, they choose to pay the price to stop drinking rather than pay the price for continued drinking.

Faith is a choice not a feeling – and faith is something that matters to you and is the only antidote for fear.

Faith over fear.

You don’t wait for the feeling to come over you before you choose the better path.

The choice comes first.

Feelings are a residue.

We choose with our heads and feel with our hearts.

And if you make the right choices and stick to them, good feelings result.