Getting What You Want

When we get what we want, we no longer want it.

And soon we want something else.

A lifetime can be spent pursuing some specific goal or dream, but it doesn’t take long to get used to achieving it and wanting something else – something more.

Be on the lookout for unexpected gifts – things that we may never have thought of had it not been for adversity of luck.

Not getting the job you want often leads to getting something better – unexpected, even in another field.

Pursuing riches can ruin a life when being poor can help define what riches are.  There are a lot of wealthy people who are unhappy because no amount of money guarantees happiness.

Instead of always pushing for what you think you want, try this.

Be open to what comes your way.

That way you won’t miss something that came to you as a gift that you ordinarily would have failed to recognize.

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