Letting Go of Baggage

Every person who saps your positive energy by being negative is wasting your time and subconsciously affecting how you feel about yourself.

People who offload their anxiety on you double the anxiety you may already carry.

Anyone not in lock step moving forward with you is holding you back even if they are just standing around while you are trying to advance.

We’re so connected that we are under a constant barrage of stress from others that lessens the time we have to make a happy life and succeed at our goals.

Letting go of baggage requires strictly policing what you will allow into your brain and subconscious thoughts —  slap it down at the place of entry.

If you’re already carrying around the negative thoughts of others, take control and let go of people who are getting into your head.

If a person hasn’t asked you about yourself, you’re likely taking too much of their baggage.